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Higher mileage maintenance

Discussion in '2Gen General Maintenance' started by Damon, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Damon

    Damon New Member

    The wife really wants a Sequoia. There are some used ones around and we've seen some 2011s for between $23-25k (Canadian) but these tend to have higher mileage (200k+ kms). Granted there are maintenance costs with any vehicle but what specifically might one expect in a Sequioa moving forward with that mileage?
  2. MonsterSequoia

    MonsterSequoia New Member

    Water pump & Timing belt every 90k (miles), I would flush all fluids, change filters, spark plugs. Depending how the truck was used, check bushings. General tune up maintenance basically.
  3. Leo

    Leo New Member

    I'm also looking to buy a high mileage 2008 Sequioa Platinum with 212k on it. should I look at it or is high mileage on a Toyota something that should scare me away?

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