Hello from texas


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May 20, 2019
I have a 05 sr5 Sequoia well it's my wifes. I perfer Honda but Toyota are fantastic. I owned 2 Toyota supras years ago one was pretty much stock, the other was a right hand drive monster. My dad is a ASE certified master technician has been for about 20 years that's the reason I got my wife a sequioa so if I had a problem with it he could help me. I tried and tried to buy her a Honda but they don't make a vehicle large enough for her lol. I do have one issue tho, my dad told me it's common for the rear lift door handle to stop functioning I took it apart and the piece that hold the ball on the end of the cable was bent so it wasn't pulling the cable far enough to open the door I bent it back, butnlike a week later it stopped working again. It's easy to fix but bi really don't want to take that damn door apart once a week. My dad said if it's getting bent that means it's getting in a bind somewhere, has anyone else had a similar problem. Nice to be here guys looking forward to showing off my upgrades
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