Heart Translplant

Lem Cruz

New Member
Nov 6, 2018
Only right to show my rig.

Well 1 have 2 2003 Toyota Sequoias.

Top picture is my current but about to be old one because im taking engine out to put in the one in the bottom.

The top one has the inevitable frame rust and the bottom one has a blown engine from sucking up some water. I'm starting this weekend to take engine from grey one and then take the engine from the black one out to do the transplant after I do some maintenance to the engine from the black one.

I cant wait to start this build even though it's a big undertaking I think I should be done in 2wks. Pictures and Videos I hope to be doing because there isnt no video on this process for this truck.

As well as I have to change my suspension, wheel, and some other stuff over to the new truck. Should be fun hope I can help fellow sequoia members out.

Sequoa Build.jpg