Headlights not working...Help


New Member
Dec 27, 2018
So I have just purchased a 2002 SR5 and it has not headlights. All other lights work except for the headlights (hi, low and drl). So, I discovered it was missing the headlight relay. I replaced it with a new oem one. Nothing. Then I started testing all related relays and looking for breaks in wires , corroded contact points etc. Nothing. So I jumpered the relay pin and hi beams/drl works. So I began thinking it was something in the dimmer switch so I replaced it. No change. I have been unsuccessful in locating any wiring diagrams. Any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated as it seems I am stumped here. I am a Toyota guy but new to this platform. Plus, I've never had electrical gremlins on any of my Toyotas so i have limited electrical experience with them.