grumble grumble Tracy Ca Toyota grumble grumble.


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Feb 6, 2019
Two things that make me grumble. I took my new Sequoia LTD there for the 6000 mile check up. At 6310 the low wiper fluid light goes off. When I get a chance I pop the hood at the cap to the fluid reservoir was open. (I have photos if anyone cares). Bone dry of course. Why should I assume Tracy Toyota did anything correctly if something this easy was screwed up. A trip to Wally World took care of the fluid. I showed the photos to the service manager so that they know they have a problem employee. Note one screw up isn't a big deal. Hopefully this isn't how he usually works.

Grumble number two. I have a Costco half off any accessory. It has to be used at that dealer since I bought the SUV there. I decided to get the stock skid plate. I called the parts department. They reserved the part. I drive 45 miles one way and the part that was reserved was wrong. Hey the parts guy picked the part, not me. Now I get to do another 90 miles round trip to pick up the part.

At this point I can be rid of this dealership and good riddance.