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Fuel Gauge

Discussion in '1Gen Fuel Economy' started by Rhodey, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Rhodey

    Rhodey New Member

    Not necessarily an economy question, but does anyone else's fuel gauge read lower than what's actually in the tank? I've only owned my tree since November, but whenever I fill up (usually around 1/4 tank) my fill is only ~15-16 gallons. I've had my fuel light come on once, and 19 gallons filled it up. The only thing I can think of is Toyota was trying prolonging the life of their fuel pumps by encouraging their customers to not wait until dead E to fuel up, but 7 gallons seems like a pretty large reserve.
  2. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    When my fuel light comes on I usually get gas with in 20 miles and am usually putting in 22-23 gal. Same on my Tundra as well.
  3. angerhater

    angerhater New Member

    I have a 2003 with a possessed gas gauge. starts with empty gauge and idiot light, pull in to get gas- says 2/3 tank......drive till idiot light comes on, 18 gallons fills it? I have not noticed it dripping or stinking like gas...
  4. angerhater

    angerhater New Member

    so I pushed it a bit...ran to 366miles then filled it up. 25.6 gal... IIRC 14.++mpg
  5. thilt

    thilt New Member

    My 03's gas gauge used to stick all the time. All positions. Sometimes it would stay low after a fill-up and come up real slowly as I drove. Very weird. I put a few tanks of fuel system cleaner in it and it helped a lot. It still sometimes sticks but not as often. I think its time for a new gauge.
  6. eahyland

    eahyland New Member

    Is there a fix to this? My 2001 SR5 4x4 seems to have a spot when the level gets low, say 1/8-1/4, the gauge completely drops out to the bottom and the fuel light comes on. Sometimes it comes and goes. Above 1/4 tank it has never dropped out, but somewhere it this range I have no fuel level indication.

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