Front Runner Easy-out Awning 2.5m installation


Mar 29, 2017
After roof rack installation, it's time to install more accessories. Awning is on the lists of accessories. I purchased the Front Runner EasyAwn 2.5m awning setup and also installation bracket as part of the roofrack purchased.

Here is the part no. info
  1. SKU RRAC029 - Easy-out awning bracket
  2. SKU TENT036 - Easy-out awning 2.5M

The installation is very straight forward. I installed the bracket on the awning. There is 2 bolts to secure the bracket to the awning rail. 3 brackets come with the kit. Hand tight the bolt for adjustment.

Next, slide the nylon nuts on the top roof rack rail. You will need 6 nylon nuts. Attached the awning to the roof rack and secure it with bolts. Adjust the bracket as needed to line up the bottom mounting hole of the bracket with the roofrack. Once adjustment completed, tighten all bolts and nuts.