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For Sale: OME 2866 and 2885’s

Discussion in '1Gen Steering & Suspension' started by Nisken, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Nisken

    Nisken Member

    i have rear OME 2866 and front OME 2885 springs for sale. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have a for sale section here. i'd probably sell everything for $300. I’m also including rear shock extenders for those running Bilstein or OME rear shocks.

    Make me an offer. I want them out of my garage.
  2. Trideyota

    Trideyota Member

    I might be interested in the rear springs and shock extenders. Do the extenders bolt on? How long wear the springs in service?
  3. Nisken

    Nisken Member

    They have about 2k miles on them. The extended bolt right up. I don’t want to separate the springs however.
  4. Trideyota

    Trideyota Member

    ok thanks
  5. MonsterSequoia

    MonsterSequoia New Member

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