Flashing 4wd lights troubleshooting guide.


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Aug 27, 2018
Just wanted to post an issue I experienced with my 03 sequoia. Getting it ready for our annual summer trip to CO, I decided to test the 4wd. I press the 4wd, transfer kicks in, wheels are green on the dash, but the center diff just keeps blinking. I try slowing, stopping, starting, sharp left and right turn, and everthing else under the sun and nothing. Couldnt even get it to go back to two wheel drive. I even tried a dirt road. Still flashing. Its now Friday afternoon, and we are leaving tomorrow morning.

I just on google, after a few searches, I find this.

This video is excellent. I throw it back up on jack stand to troubleshoot. Basically, the front ADD is not engaging. Rubber hammer isnt working. Before taking it off, I start calling dealers. Found only 1 in the area and its 40 min away. $470 after tax in the chicago area. It is what it is. I pull off the ADD actuator because its the easiest way to be able to remove the actuator cap and I find that its toast. One note, before removing the ADD actuator, drain the front diff. Ask me why!!!

Get the new ADD actuator. Before I even install it, I connect it. Turn on the ignition and no more flashing 4wd lights. Pressing the 4wd, the arm goes side to side. Some 90 min RTV and just about to go back out and top off the diff fluid now. Ill check for leaks in the morning and if all is well, off to CO.


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Jan 27, 2022
Are you still a member of this forum? I have a couple of questions about your "Flashing 4wd lights troubleshooting guide. Please contact me if you can, thanks.