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Aug 9, 2021
Hi all,

I just acquired my first Toyota Sequoia last week and am excited to get it modded to fit our family’s mission. It’s a silver 2007 limited with 190,000 on the clock. I bought it from a private seller. I’m currently going through and changing all fluids, and will be replacing timing belt, etc soon. this is the 4th Toyota that I’ve owned, but first 2UZFE.

As I was changing the engine oil last night, I ran across this bolt just laying on top of the skid plate. Any idea where this might could have come from? I’ve looked around for a short bit and can’t seem to find where it belongs, maybe I could find where it’s supposed to belong after an hour of looking but I thought I’d tap into y’all as a resource first. It’s not a small bolt, but also not a huge engine mount type bolt either. The previous owner had all service done at the Toyota dealership. Would this be something to show the dealer and quiz them about?

Thanks for the help in advance,



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Jul 22, 2021
would not hurt to ask dealer,......possibly an alternator, water pump or A/C bolt......take off skid plate an have detailed look around.....get familiar with the car as much as possible.