Crankshaft won't turn - Seized? Ideas?


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Feb 19, 2022

It’s not looking good. Calling out friends to find what I am missing.

1. Had been running fine - no codes.
2. Son took it in for oil change. Shop says have a coolant leak so won’t change oil until fixed. Says coolant level very low. Had started to smell it, but hadn’t investigated yet. Last day I drove it - 3 days earlier - no overheating. Not certain if any overheating during family driving after that - heard nothing.
3. Son needed to back it out of driveway - says started then as going down driveway in reverse, engine quit. Says didn’t hear anything else out if ordinary.
4. attempted restart yielded terrible metal grinding noise. Seemed fast, loud, and shallow - was not turning engine. Guessed a misaligned bendix or bad starter. Rolled car and retried. Same.
5. Guessing starter, began process of replacement (yep- under the intake manifold)
6. Starter teeth, flywheel teeth, and non-energized starter looked fine (ru-roh, raggy)
7. Tried turning engine with breaker bar on crank- truck in neutral, parking brake off. Moves less than 1/4 inch either way.
8, removed front of engine, Timing belt is worn/chewed up on inside third of belt, but intact on outer 2/3rds. Belt appears to be seated well on crank and cams. Just ready to disintegrate.
9. no apparent bent valves when viewed through intakes.

Next Up:
1. Raise rear end, and attempt turn crank while in gear.
2. pull plugs and look
3. Drain oil and look.
4. drop pan and look in and up
5. Drain trans oil and look.
6. Read on another forum something about torque converter bolts - honestly know nothing of them.

Any other ideas? Any (hopefully) simple things I am overlooking?