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Checking in with my 2010 Platinum

Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by BigTree, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Picked up a 2010 Sequoia Platinum a couple years ago cause my 2011 FJ Cruiser wasn't going to be up to the task of towing my new 30ft camper. Sequoia was bone stock and came with the TRD 22" chrome wheels. I got some 18" MB Wheels wrapped in Nitto Terra Grappler G2's, for towing since you cant find a high ply rated 22" tire. I added a TRD intake and a Corsa cat back exhaust. I also plasti dipped the grill and mirrors black (not a fan of all the chrome).
  2. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    My FJ Cruiser that i bought new and built up only to sell and pick up a great 1 owner used Sequoia.

    The day I picked up the Sequoia

    As she sits now. Used for towing, off road adventures, and long road trips. FB_IMG_1523582901277.jpg FB_IMG_1523582352737.jpg 20180412_172331.jpg FB_IMG_1523582728896.jpg FB_IMG_1523582749843.jpg FB_IMG_1523582774463.jpg FB_IMG_1523582789140.jpg FB_IMG_1523568809661.jpg
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  3. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    The most recent purchase was projectors for the entry light on the bottom of the doors.
    20180413_061900.jpg 20180413_061905.jpg
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  4. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    20180415_143141.jpg 20180415_143154.jpg 20180415_143228.jpg 20180415_143309.jpg
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  5. Greg Smorstad

    Greg Smorstad New Member

    Nice ride man! I like the grille and mirrors.. Ive been thinking of getting rid of the chrome as well. How was the plasti-dip process? Pretty easy? We also pull an avenger with ours!
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  6. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Plasti-dip is nice and easy to do, also very durable. I painted the entire roof of my FJ with it too. Holds up to car washes and everything. If you happen to get a rock chip, just spray over that area to touch it up and you're good to go.
  7. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Just replaced my headlight assembly with a black housing, smoked lens assembly and it changed the front end a lot. Also added switchback LED DRL/turn signals, LED headlight bulbs and LED fog light bulbs. To accommodate the LED turn signal I had to do the turn signal relay modification to prevent hyperflash. 20180419_141034.jpg 20180419_170026.jpg 20180419_172847.jpg 20180419_175140.jpg 20180419_180245.jpg
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  8. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Upgraded the interior lights to LED's today.
    20180420_172404.jpg 20180420_172411.jpg
  9. Dustin Adams

    Dustin Adams New Member

    Big tree. Where did you find those toyota projector lenses for the door courtesy lights. Those are great! Great looking truck by the way!
  10. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

  11. 2GSequoia

    2GSequoia New Member

    Nothing against your Sequoia but that’s one beautiful FJ!
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  12. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Thanks! I want my FJ back pretty badly. I love the sequoia and all, but I went on tons of adventures in that FJ and had a lot of fun with it.

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