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Can you install a bull bar on a 2018 Sequoia?

Discussion in '2Gen Exterior Modifications' started by GabeV07, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. GabeV07

    GabeV07 New Member

    Hi, my family owns a 2018 Toyota Sequoia and my dad wants to put a bull bar on it. But the problem is that he thinks that the bull bar will interfere or mess up the sensors infront of the car. Would it mess up the sensors and if it wont, can you link me a bull bar?

    Thanks, Gabe
  2. Atomic Sequoia

    Atomic Sequoia New Member

    I have a '19 and I am wondering the same thing. I have seen some new Sequoias with factory front license plate holder that covers up the bottom edge of the radar sensor. I would think if the bull bar doesn't cover up more than the license plate holder covers, it should be fine.

    I have already run through snow and ice that covered up the front sensor, and when it did, I got a notification that the sensor needed cleaning. I bet if the bull bar covers up some of the sensor, the same notification would come on. But I'm going to watch this thread in the hopes someone else has already solved this puzzle for us.
  3. GabeV07

    GabeV07 New Member

    Wow, a ‘19 Sequoia! Thats really cool but ok, thanks for the reply. Our Sequoia also has a front lisence plate holder in the front. I’ll show my dad this and see what he thinks about this. Thank you!

    (Photo shows the front lisence plate holder if that even is the one you are talking about)

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  4. Atomic Sequoia

    Atomic Sequoia New Member

    Yes sir, that is the same front license plate holder that I've seen in use at local dealerships. If your bull bar doesn't cover up more of the sensor than the holder, it should work fine.
  5. GabeV07

    GabeV07 New Member

    Ok great, thank you!

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