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Borla exhaust

Discussion in '2Gen Performance Intake & Exhaust Systems' started by Crashman, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Crashman

    Crashman New Member

    Hi I was wondering if anyone else put a Borla exhaust on and what they thought of it?
    I put one on my Wife’s 2013 and I was shocked and disappointed how quiet it was, I was wondering if I removed the resonator on the back of it would sound better or too loud
  2. BigTree

    BigTree New Member

    Not much of help for ya since you've already bought the exhaust, but I couldn't find any good sounding clips of Borla when I was looking for exhaust. Spent a lot of time looking and ended up with Corsa and I couldn't be any happier. Sounds great. Removing the resonator will definitely help out. For me the louder the better, but not everyone is that way. Removing the resonator should make it louder, but not by too much.
  3. Micah Stone

    Micah Stone New Member

    I installed the Borla cat back exhaust as well..it is quiet however once you lay into it, it sounds great!

    My buddy installed a Corsa on his Sequoia at the same time as I did the Borla...must say sound wise his sounds higher pitched than the Borla but I prefer the depth of the Borla more.
    I am curious about removing the resonator as well, if you do it, please let us know how it sounds outside and inside at crusing speed too.

    Side note: also added the S&B intake it helped out as well as far as overall "engine" sound.
  4. SkiBikeKite

    SkiBikeKite New Member

    Would love to hear some Audio if you could post it. Have your kids hang out of the rear window with a microphone while you get on it. (please do not really do that).

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