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Oct 9, 2018
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The Beast is what we call it.

It's not the largest beast, in terms of 4x4 trucks, but compared to everything else we drive it's a wonderful beast on road and overland. Moreover, it was made for 'beast mode' family adventures (as my kids would say). White and black, it's a testament to my philosophy of balance, or Yin and Yang (see the trailer hitch). The objective was to build something that would be better than stock on and off the road. That I would love to drive but also the whole family would love. It appeals to the left brain in functionality, and to the right brain (looks bad ass).

This is a 2019 Toyota Sequoia Limited with the following additions / modifications...

Trundra front end (OEM parts)
2.5" lift + Bilstein shocks (6112 on front and 5100 on rear)
Rigid Mesh Grill and lights
Ridgid driving lights
Rigid rear backup lights
TRD front and rear sway bar
Fuel Ripper D580 20x9
Nitto Ridge Grappler tires 295/55R20
Bushwaker OE Fender Flares
Tacotunes System w/ JBL w/ rear Sub
Stoptech Big Brake Kit
S&B cold air intake
Pedal Commander
Extra tinted windows (shhhh)
Matte black out all chrome

Still considering a rack and lower grill / bar, possibly custom and lightweight.

All work done by Nevrslo Motorsports in Austin, TX.

What do you think? Suggestions for where to go next? Thanks!
Instagram: @sequoia_beast


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