ARB Deluxe Bumper and Warn Winch Installation.


Mar 29, 2017
The installation for ARB deluxe bumper and Warn Zeon Platinum 10S on my 2010 sequoia is up.

Before installation start, there are a few prep work can be done. I have done the following task before bumper installation.
  1. Prep winch for installation to the bumper.
  2. Bumper pre-prep tasks before installation to the Sequoia.

Winch Prep (Warn Zeon Platinum 10-S)
The winch I choose for this installation is Warn Zeon Platinum 10S. This is a winch rated as 10,000lbs pull capability. If you are looking for the specification of the winch, you can find it at the following link.


In additional to the winch, you will need the following parts.

PN 89970 (Short kit)
PN 92193 (Long Kit)

Additional wiring (optional)
PN 93373 Light harness kit (short)
PN 93375 Light harness kit (Long)

I have purchased the following part.
  1. Control Pack Relocation Kit for Zeon Platinum PN 89970 (short kit)
  2. Wiring for accessories. Light Harness Kit PN 93373 (short)
First, you will need to relocate the winch control pack. This is where you will need the relocation kit. The relocation kit allow you to remount the control pack away from the winch housing. I follow the following video on youtube for installation instruction.


Removing Control Pack from the winch housing

Install cable the relocation kit

Control pack with cable.

While fitting the winch to the bumper, I found some gotcha. The winch housing do not fit on the bumper. I started to do research why this winch model won't fit the bumper. After reading some document from ARB, I found out that ARB bumper only support specific Warn winch. Warn Zeon Platinum winch is not one of the supported winch listed from ARB. ARB only support the following winch for this bumper.
  • Warn M16.5T or Warn M15000 or Warn M12000
I also found some documentation for Warn Zeon Platinum Winch fitting list published at Warn website. If you purchased a Warn Zeon Platinum winch, please make sure to check the bumper fitting list @ Warn website.

For ARB Bumper, check this link.

Here is the picture showing why the Winch won't fit the bumper. The negative terminal from the winch is not clearing the bumper support. The terminal is in contact with the bumper support.

Negative Terminal hit the bumper support. Gap between the winch foot on bumper.

Due to the problem, I need to shim a spacer between the bumper and winch. I found out ARB make a spacer kit for winch installation. This spacer kit is for Toyota LC100 or Lexus LX470 SKU : 3500050.

With the additional spacer, I'm able to fit the winch onto the ARB bumper. This information was relay to ARB so they know about the limitation and workaround. I opened a case with Warn and ARB. I want to make sure I reach out to both manufacture and get as much info as needed. Once I found the solution, I shared the info with the manufacturer so they are aware of the problem and have the resolution to the problem.

How winch sit on the ARB bumper

Winch installed

For more installation info, visit the blog.
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Mar 29, 2017
ARB Deluxe Bumper Installation
The bumper I choose for this installation is ARB Deluxe Bar for Toyota Tundra 2007-13 SKU : 3415010. I like the traditional look of ARB bumper. For more specific specification, you can find the info at ARB website.

ARB Deluxe Bar for Tundra 07-13

Pre-installation prep is needed including sonar sensor, oem fog light, Winch mounting, Winch control pack install and signal light installation.

I need to modify the bracket for foglight. I don't have an oem foglight. I switched my foglight to use Morimoto LED foglight. The Morimoto LED foglight is a bit thicker in size. The wiring for the foglight is interfere with the bracket. I have to cut out a small area so the bracket clear the foglight wiring. Picture show below the area which I use a dremel to cut off an opening.

Morimoto XB LED foglight

Cut off section to clear the foglight wiring using dremel tool

Signal light installation. This is a straight forward task. Just followed the instruction manual and mount the signal light to the bumper. Swap out the original bulb on the signal light housing and replaced with the light bulbs included with your ARB bumper installation kit. Mount it to the bumper.

Signal light and Foglight installed on bumper

It's time to remove the OEM bumper from the sequoia. The bumper removal process is listed on the instruction received from ARB. If you miss the installation instruction, you can download acrobat file from

Remove the bumper facial. Mostly rubber gourmets securing the plastic bumper facial to the vehicle.

Remove the bumper crashbar. There are 3 17mm nuts securing the crash bar to the bumper bracket.

Remove the bumper mounting bracket. There are 4 14mm bolt securing the bracket to the frame.

Oil cooler shroud need to be removed

Removed bumper facial

After remove the OEM bumper from the car, it's time to remove the foglight and Sonar sensor from the OEM Bumper. The foglight installation is listed above. Next, it's sonar sensor retrofit into ARB bumper. In order to retrofit the sonar sensor, you will need to drill a hole on the ARB bumper. I have to purchase a 22 mm hole saw from Home depot for $18.

Sonar sensor and a 22mm hole saw.

Drill a 22mm or 7/8" hole on ARB bumper

A good hole saw and drill is needed. Clean cut and use file to smooth out edges

Do the above operation twice for left and right sonar sensor. This part is particular hard as I'm drilling into a $2000 metal bumper. A wrong action will left more undesired expenses. Be confident with your measurement, punch a guide indent using a center punch and start drilling. You can either drill a small pilot hole before you use the hole saw. Once the drilling start, there is no turning back.



Since I drill 2 holes on the bumper and exposed bare metal, I sprayed paint the exposed area with black paint (prevent rusting). Don't intermix the spray paint with the black powder coat on the bumper. Use masking tape to protect the black powder coat. Note : While working on plastic parts, like sonar sensor, please use cautious on the plastic. You don't want to apply to much force and break any plastic part.

Winch mounting is covered above. See the gotcha if you choose to use warn winch, Zeon Platinum. Winch control pack installation required drilling 4 mounting hole on the bumper. Line up the winch control pack on the bumper and marked the 4 mounting point. I use center punch to mark drill point before start drilling. You can drill a pilot hole if needed. Check the bolt size and drill the same hole size. The bolts/nuts are included on the Warn Relocation Kit accessory pack.

Drill 4 mounting hole for the Winch Control Pack on the Bumper. Wire connection from control pack to the Winch housing.

I only use visual alignment for the mounting point. But you can always use any method to find your mount point.

Once the winch control pack is mount. It's time to wire up the control pack to the Winch. There are 3 wires, A, F1 and F2 wires. Wires installation look easy as long as you line up all 3 wires. A wire connect A terminal on the Winch to the A terminal on the Winch control pack. Repeat this step for F1 and F2 wire. Route the wires properly and use zip ties to tidy up the cable slack. Connect the ground cable from the Control Pack to the winch ground terminal. Also, it's time to connect the cable connector for the winch clutch with the extension cable included with the Relocation kit.

Once all the prep work completed, it's time to mount the ARB bumper to the Sequoia. Use the installation instruction from ARB. I found the installation instruction is a bit different, but if you use the installation guide, you should be able to complete the installation.

Here is several differences on the installation task provided by ARB.

  1. ARB instruction, Step 25-28 is change a bit. The chassis bolt is provided instead of stud. You just need to tighten the chassis bolt to the clevis nut after mounting the ARB bumper bracket to the chassis.
  2. ARB instruction, Step 41-51 is for winch installation specific to only a few WARN winch. Any other winch model, please try to align the winch to the mounting hole.
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Mar 29, 2017
Let's get the installation begin. First, you need to install the ARB bumper bracket to the vehicle chassis. Aligned the bracket to the vehicle and installed 4 nuts to the chassis bolt. This is also the time to install the long chassis bolt (provided by ARB) with the chassis clevis nut. Do not tighten nuts and bolts for now, just hand tighten. Next, you will need 2 person to hoist the bumper on the bracket (if no winch on the bumper). If you have a winch on the bumper, you will need 3 person to hoist the bumper.

Bumper Bracket mount to the vehicle chassis

Completed bumper ready for installation

Completed bumper ready for installation

ARB instruction is to bend inward for the central support bracket. I think cutting the extras support is a better clean installation. Your choice of preference.

Bumper hoist on to the vehicle by 3 person. The bumper is secure by 6 bolts. 3 bolts for left and right brackets.

Bumper and vehicle has a 25mm gap (according to ARB instruction). I used a jack to level the bumper before tighten every bolts on the bracket.

Bumper gap adjusted. Winch cable routed to battery.

Snow? What happening. Also, a surprise purchase of offroad LED light.

OEM skid is out. Upgrading to RCI offroad Skid plate

ARB bumper front skid need to modify to fit with the RCI offroad skid plate

Everything installed. Winch rope spool and all light connected.

Tighten the bumper bracket to vehicle chassis bolts and nuts. Adjust the bumper to body gap using a jack lifting the bumper below. Then, tighten up all bolts and nuts to the spec given by ARB instruction. Loop the wiring of the winch into the engine bay and connected to the battery directly. Next, test the winch function and spool up the winch line. I purchased the winch with synthetic line. But the task to spool winch line is the same for both synthetic or steel line.

The fog light do come with fog light cover from ARB. You will need to cut out the fog light plastic cover. ARB instruction mention using Sikaflex 223. I can only find sikaflex 221. Either one will work. Apply sikaflex around the fog light plastic cover and installed it on the bumper. Use masking tape to hold the cover and allow some time for sikaflex to cure.

Extra installation info for Xprite 9" Round LED Off-Road light

I choose Xprite 9" Round LED Off-road light for this installation. I like ARB intensity LED light, but for cost reason, I choose an alternative solution. Xprite offered a black housing 9" LED off-roud light.

You can find the LED light spec here.

The quality of the xprite LED light was better than expected. The hardware included was high quality nuts/bolts. The specification listed is better than the competitor, ARB. For an affordable price (10+ times more affordable), I was able to order a set of light from I highly recommending xprite LED light as your primary choice for all LED light upgrade. In additional to order a set of light, I also purchased a separate wiring harness and yellow fog light cover.

To wire up the LED light, I choose to integrate it with the winch. Warn Zeon Platinum winch has ability to control 2 aux accessories. I purchased the Warn Short Light Harness kit 93373.

Warn Zeon Short Light Harness kit PN 93373

With Warn Light harness, I just plug in the wiring harness to the winch control pack. The wiring harness has 2 output. Connect both output to each of the LED light. According to Warn, the aux port can support any accessories that draw no more than 16amp. So just beware what you try to wire up. But 16amp can support many accessories including multiple LED light bars.

Xprite LED light at night

I hope this installation guide help you. If you have the similar setup and have a different installation approach, please feel free to drop a note.


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Jul 1, 2020
Hi Looks great getting ready to install an ARB Deluxe bumper as well. Can you tell me how much longer your truck is with the new bumper than the OE (stock bumper)? or can you tell me how far the bumper sticks out from the grill ? Thanks so much.


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Jul 11, 2020
Hi Looks great getting ready to install an ARB Deluxe bumper as well. Can you tell me how much longer your truck is with the new bumper than the OE (stock bumper)? or can you tell me how far the bumper sticks out from the grill ? Thanks so much.
Just my guess judging by the side profile...I would say 9-10".