Anyone running 255/80/17?


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Oct 23, 2020
Is anyone around here running 255/80/17, or have you in the past? I'm getting around to putting a lift on my tree soon and am looking to upgrade to some larger tires after. Based on the build threads it seems like most are running 285/70/17 or wider tires. I was recently introduced to the pizza cutters, and they seem like a better fit for my general usage. Not to mention I love the look! My Sequoia is my daily driver for now. About 90% of my driving is on paved roads, 7% on gravel fire roads/service roads, and maybe 3% on easy/moderate trails.

  • lighter tire. Hoping to get a less drastic drop in MPG vs a 285.
  • skinnier tire. If I understand correctly, I can avoid a lot of rubbing issues I would encounter with a 285. I'd also be willing to run the 255 on stock wheels (money saver!)
  • Only made in E load range. Little worried about this. I've read that this can cause a rough ride.
Even if you aren't running a 255/80/17, I'd love to hear some opinions.


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Nov 6, 2021
I'm looking to do the same on my new to me 2007 tree. I saw a YouTube video about a guy that recommended this size, but he wasn't very clear on how much rubbing he ran into even after his lift.