air suspension 2011 platinum sequoia


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Aug 12, 2018
I have a 2011 Sequoia with 253000 miles on it and I just recently noticed the back end bouncing around a lot. The ride went from smooth to very bumpy one day . When I use the manual height adjustment in the parked position it would maintain it's height when it was set to the high position but as soon as I started driving I realized the air suspension was dropping down further than usual especially on the left side so I thought it was the left side height sensor.
Something I read in this forum prompted me to try this and it worked for a quick fix..
While the car was running I set the height sensor to high and once it reached that position I pulled the 7.5 amp fuse (marked air suspension) out of the fuse block in the engine compartment. Now it stays in that position and I just took it for a couple of rides over the bumpy roads and it feels like its old smooth self again. i did try pulling the fuse out when it was in the 'N' position but it still seemed to bottom out still.
when i set it to high it's now maintaining its height. I do have to deal with the blinking light on the dashboard where they Height level indicator is at but I don't care about that.
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