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2018 Platinum "Build"

Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by SkiBikeKite, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. SkiBikeKite

    SkiBikeKite New Member

    I replaced my 2008 Sequia Platinum with a 2018. It took a couple of months to get one in the color I wanted, but here it is. It comes with lots of chrome and some ugly fake wood on the interior.

    I will post my "build" progresss here. I put the build in quotes, because I wont be doing anything too crazy. First step is the chrome delete. I already pealed off massive chrome accents off the doors.

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  2. Dustin Adams

    Dustin Adams New Member

    Man that is beautiful! That color is awesome. How does it drive compared to your 08? Steering, suspension, etc.. just curious if they feel the same or not. Looks great man!
  3. SkiBikeKite

    SkiBikeKite New Member

    Thanks, If my memory is correct, it drives a little smoother and stiffer than my 2008 did when we first got it, and definitely better than the ‘08 with 180k miles on it.
  4. 18TRDSport

    18TRDSport New Member

    Beautiful Truck.

    I traded in a 2011 Platinum for a 2018 TRD Sport and man, I love the truck. I’ve got about 10000 miles on it and my mileage is way, way better than the 2011.

    I hope your treats you the same.

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