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2017 Sequoia (my 1st Toyota build)

Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Micah Stone, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Micah Stone

    Micah Stone New Member

    2017 Sequoia (my 1st Toyota build):
    Started early 2017 with readylift spacers and drop diff, added Method NV305 with Toyo AT2 (34x11.5x18)...

    Outgrew that fast...the ride was ok in town but at hwy speeds for whatever reason it rode uncomfortable almost loose feeling.

    After making a lot of calls/contacts, reading way to much..we made a lot of changes with the help of Toytec and their recommendation of Tandem Automotive in Haltom City, TX.
    (They live and breathe Toyota).

    This time the updates/fixes were "right" on the money!

    As it sits now we went with Toytec 3in coilovers, SPC UCA's, trd front sway bar, old man emu rear coils and just installed rear rad flo 2.0 shocks...also swapped out the AT2's for BFG km3's (35x12.5x18).
    *had Tandem do the front body mount chop for extra tire clearance

    It took several months to get it all done but each change made it that much better!
    It Rides great, handles better than ever and ready for the January trip we have been planning.

    Looking forward to updating this build as it goes, we still have the Sliders being built, then planning on full skid plates, especially to protect that low hanging gas tank....
    Hope this is a help to the other 2nd Gen Sequoia owners and if their is any comments, questions or suggestions from anyone has please hit me up! Thanks IMG_20180914_150950~2.jpg
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  2. Micah Stone

    Micah Stone New Member

    Updated pictures with newest set up mentioned in 1st post, along with 1st image of slider build and a picture of the front body mount chop:
    IMG_20181121_112948.jpg IMG_20181121_151327.jpg IMG_20181121_151340.jpg image.png

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