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2012 Sequoia Platinum Build

Discussion in '2Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Greg Smorstad, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Greg Smorstad

    Greg Smorstad New Member

    I have a 2012 Sequoia - Platinum


    It came from the factory with airbag/electronic adjustable suspension which I wanted to keep because it does a pretty boss job of pulling our 26' travel trailer but still wanted to beef it up a bit..



    I was able to find a 2" leveling kit from Revtek that worked with the stock suspension.
    Toyo Open Country tires (33x11.5)
    Method 305 wheels (18x9)

    On the roof I have 78" Yakima round bars with the following attachments
    54" wind fairing
    This lets me get either 2 canoes or a canoe and a skybox 21 on the roof at the same time.


    That's it for now...
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  2. McConnell-Hand

    McConnell-Hand New Member

    I like the subtle lift and tires. Very nice ride. Have you thought of pulling the steps on it?
  3. Greg Smorstad

    Greg Smorstad New Member

    Have def given it a thought.. still have small kids who use em though.. you like yours being off?

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