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For Sale 2007 sequoia priced to sell 7750$

Discussion in 'Vehicle Classifieds' started by Shaun, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Member

    00505_fopOZVmVAqQ_600x450.jpg I dont want to sell it but buying a house has become more of a priority for us so unfortunately it has to go .
    It has been an amazing vehicle for getting the family out and exploring it's taken us on some fun trips and have some great memories drives fantastic , handles back roads and snow amazingly, drives like a smaller vehicle .

    New in the last year
    255/85r16 cooper st maxx on aluminum rims 90+%
    Rancho quick lift struts
    Diff drop
    Rear lift spacers
    Converted the rear shocks from studs to loop style shocks
    Upper and lower ball joints
    Steering rack bushings
    Front Drive axles
    Rear brakes
    Addicted off-road front bumper
    Some led lights front and rear
    Synthetic fluids , both diffs, t case and motor
    T belt done at 181k
    K@n drop in filter
    Have a metal grill insert just haven't installed it yet

    Runs and drives great still can squeeze 17 mpg on a good day average around 14 , interior is in great shape . Has second row captains chairs with center console and removable 3rd row seats that actually have enough room for a adult .
    Super clean undercarriage not a spot of rust anywhere at all

    None of this affect the vehicle in any way it's just more cosmetic.
    When I put the winch bumper on I switched out the grill to a tundra grill because it sits down lower than the stock one still needs a little more trimming and sanding . I ordered the wrong trim pieces for under the headlights and the hood latch needs to be swapped out ( have a new one just haven't installed yet). 00r0r_iTnZPRPRvSP_600x450.jpg 00b0b_fc3T2p7aykY_600x450.jpg 00C0C_c5q8gFMqnqh_600x450.jpg 00Y0Y_l7WjITBu2XF_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_8soQr4EEqCQ_600x450.jpg
  2. norcon87

    norcon87 New Member

    Is this still for sale?
  3. Sal R.

    Sal R. Active Member

    Sold awhile ago.

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