2007 Odometer issues


New Member
Jan 6, 2023
I have a 2007 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4wd. Within the course of a couple of weeks, the mileage on the odometer start to display partial digits. Sometimes it would show all but gradually it has stopped displaying most of the digits. There was no speedometer issues or any issues with any of the gauges. The odometer has just gone blank. Most Internet searches always say that a chip behind the speedometer needs replacement but that seems to always have a speedo that is also acting squirrley. My Speedo has worked perfectly so I am wary about pursuing that fix.
I did pick up a used instrument panel but I don’t know what my true mileage is on the odo.
How do I find out my mileage in order to have the new/used instrument cluster set to my rigs mileage? Any help would be appreciated as I have not been driving it since.