For Sale 2007 2WD Limited on the market - North Atlanta area.


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Sep 29, 2019
Pearl white, beige leather, no accidents other than me scraping a concrete post a few years ago. Pictures coming soon. 165k mileage. Nearly new Michelin tires. If you need a vehicle that will haul 7 people - PM me. Never been in a salt condition, etc. Asking 10k. If you go to autotrader, you'll see this is not silly.

I will NOT give this car away to a stealership for 2-3k. We all know these are great cars. Everything works with the exceptions listed below. This was my wife's day to day and was gently driven. Has a full 3rd party navigation system in it, and upgraded speakers. Engine has been on synthetic since we bought it. Other than one time towing a car for my daughter, we've neve towed. Paint is in outstanding shape unlike my 2018 RAV4. Planning a detailing shortly.

Recent maintenance includes a 4 wheel alignment and a transmission flush. Timing belt, radiator and water pump (all the front end stuff) was replaced at 100k. A couple of years ago, I re-did the valve cover gaskets. Car burns zero oil.

  • a few years ago, the power mirrors went insane. Common issue, never got around to either replacing the mirrors or the control board, just pulled the fuse. Unfortunately, the rear power window is on the same circuit.
  • self levelling system needs to be replaced. Search the forums.
  • If I were keeping the vehicle, I'd replace all the shocks as well as fix the self levelling system.
  • Rear brakes need adjustment.
  • This vehicle throws the insanity lights when it's cold outside. This is due to the cold weather/cold engine air pump issue that is widely known. I have the bypass kit to fix this, but my wife's birthday is in June, and by that time, I can reset the codes to pass emissions. I'll toss in the kit as part of the deal.
  • There might be some other issues, but I'll drive it around this week to refresh my memory.