2005 Sequoia Pre-Lander

May 24, 2018
I've always been a Ford guy and have built up a bunch of different platforms for prerunning, chasing, exploring and surfing around Baja (three F150'a, a couple of other Broncos, a ranger, two Expeditions, etc, etc). I'll post some links once I'm not deemed a "newb".

Anyways, after coming to my senses and realizing that I need a reliable, sensible all-around family vehicle for my wife, myself and our expectant daughter, I decided on the Sequoia platform.

I liked the size, cargo space, seating options and variations, and towing capability. And of course, the Toyota reliability. I spend a ton of time in Baja and I wanted something that would cover all my bases down there and around town. Being able to do some real deal off road miles without getting the s^&* kicked out of me while still being able to carry and lock up a large load of gear was imperative. I also didn't want to look like a derelict while driving around town (a spooled rear diff in the supermarket parking lot doesn't garner a whole lot of positive attention).

There were a couple of things that prolonged my purchase, however. I couldn't find one with low miles and when I did they'd usually be long gone by the time I could get to 'em. I also didn't like the lack of bolt-on aftermarket parts. However, I did my homework and realized that there were quite a few options for these rigs if you get a little creative, and indeed, they can be worthy off-road rigs.

With all that being said, I was able to find a clean platform not too far from home. It's a 2005 with just under 92k miles. Limited 4wd. Timing belt and water pump have been replaced already. Interior is immaculate, and it's got a fresh paint job (although good from far, but far from good).

I immediately ordered some Weathertech mats, installed an Aux input cord into the stock stereo and ordered new front speakers to replace the blown out ones that were in there before. I also ordered the metal replacement rear latch that I've learned can be such a nightmare.

Immediate Plans are:

-Front Suspension: King bolt-in extended travel coilover, Camburg upper arm, TC spindle gusset and Diff Drop
-Rear Suspension: OME 2862 Spring, King 2.5 reservoir shock, and aftermarket lower links and limit straps
- 285x 75x17 BFG KO2's on Method 701's (black)
-Sleeper LED light bar and pods front and rear
-Race radio

Future Plans:
- 2.5" bypass shock up front
-2" King bump in the rear
-onboard air
-full size spare
-custom " prerunner" style bumpers
-low profile roof rack

I think that with the upgrades it can be a reliable, versatile rig that can do a bit of everything and not be too flashy.

I posted in the suspension sub-forum, but I'm looking into shock options for the rear. It'd be amazing if one of the major shock companies would offer a specialized shock for the rear.

Here's a pic of the new girl in the driveway. I've got 3 1/2 months to try and get this build done before my first born arrives so I'm gonna try and be hasty with my progress.

More to come...


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May 24, 2018
I guess I'll update my thread, even though it seems a bit quiet around here.

Everything I need to get my project going is either waiting patiently in my garage, ordered, or being shipped.

I got cold feet in regards to the 285x75x17's. I ended up going with the more tried and true 285x70x17's. I stuck with the BFG KO2 (C rated) and the new Method 701's in black. I really don't want to use wheel spacers if I don't have to and the added diameter sounded like it may be a can of worms in terms of clearancing. This truck will receive a proper flogging in Baja on a fairly regular basis so I'd like to avoid any unnecessary weak points

I already received my Camburg upper arms, TC spindle gussets and diff drop, the 2862 OME rear springs, wheels & tires and some lights.

Still waiting on my shocks, which are on order. I have another post about it, but I did quite a bit of homework and went with Kings all the way around. I ordered the extended travel coilover for the front, however I realllllly wish they made this with a reservoir. Fox makes a reservoir option and I can't for the life of me figure out why King doesn't do the same. I'm either going to have one added later or do a secondary shock with the TC mount. I'd like to avoid any of the horrendous "clicking" associated with bypass shocks, so I'll either do a smoothie with the compression adjusters or a single tube bypass (free bleed).

I used a Landcruiser rear shock ( 25001-352A) that seems like it should be a direct fit. I'll post more once they're on the truck. I think it could save everyone looking for a rear shock option a lot of headaches. There's a matching King bump stop set up that comes with mounts and everything. I'm doing my research to figure out whether or not they'll fit on the Sequoia as well.

I did the full Weathertech floor mat treatment and have some Vision X 4.5" light cannons that I'll throw up front somewhere. Gonna do some additional LED lighting front and rear. I'd like to do a flush mount amber and clear pod out the back.

Going to keep the bumpers and running boards for now, but I imagine a set of tube "rock sliders" will be on there fairly soon. Should cut down on any body damage and more importantly, the soccer mom jokes.

Photos to come. In the meantime, here's a link to my old F150 build that also had a similar "Pre-Lander" vibe.

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