2005 Instrument Cluster Questions


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Nov 28, 2019
I got a bad Sequoia, and keep putting money into it as I love the thing, seller was a charlatan, but I am persevering - please do not question my sanity. So one of the things the seller did was rip out some of the instrument cluster LEDs for the airbag warning light, brakes and tire pressure sensors. I cannot find replacement LEDs and I am not sure how easy they would be to fit, so I am looking at a replacement cluster. I have a 2005 SRS, 2WD with air suspension and the cluster should be 83800-0C320. Would a 2006 SRS 2WD with air cluster work or a 2005 limited 2WD with air? These I can find, just not the eaxct same one at the moment. I know miles will be out, but they are not exact anyway due to wrong size tires.