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2004 Can't buy it so build it the best I can.

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by McConnell-Hand, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. McConnell-Hand

    McConnell-Hand New Member

    Been on here for a while now, always lurking, sometimes posting. A lot of dreaming though. There are some really amazing rigs on this site. I wish I could get my hands on some of the goodies that others have, but I have had a motto with all my rigs. "Don't replace it till you break it." this also falls into, don't replace it till you get stuck and have a really good excuse to get something better. So this is my 2004 SR5. with a lot of options. I love the leather and the sunroof, wish it had a better sound system and seat warmers. In time though. Apparently this is the most Stock picture I have of it. got it with 130,000 on the clock. I am the second owner. IMG_20160525_093450167_HDR.jpg
    I have an awful habit of doing weird stuff to my vehicles, driving around for a month or so and then wanting to change it again. It is very annoying actually.
    Swapped my fogs to led and put a yellow tint over them. had recently made a custom grill (crappy) and installed raptor style led's. Then, cracked the hell out of my bumper on a rock being less then smart. So... I cut it into a "prerunner" style. (super crappy) IMG_20171009_131116421_HDR.jpg
    More LED lights and went back to no yellow. Also added the ditch lights. Homemade bracket write up in the lighting section of the forum.
    So i got really annoyed with this setup and hated the look, So I attempted a bumper. (So, and I mean SO, so crappy) IMG_20171019_132750402_HDR.jpg IMG_20171122_112237736_HDR.jpg
    I have done a lot to the Sasquoia, Sasquatch, Sequoia combined. Kids are awesome at naming things.
    Stock rims with 267/70/17 Cooper Discoverer AT3.
    All interior lights swapped to LED.
    All forward Facing Lights swapped to LED.
    Homemade Intake.
    Thrush Exhaust.
    Yakima roof bars and custom wind flair for when the X-cargo box is up top.
    Custom skid plates
    And a bunch of other odds and ends.
    She has 202,000 miles on her now, I did timing belt, water pump, pulleys, new fluids and lines when I bought her. New brake pads, rotors, calipers, lines, fluids at 170,000
    New exhaust around 175,000 when I crunched the stock one on a rock, yay.
    This truck is a beast and I love it. I will drive it for as long as I can, But my teenage daughter wants it and is trying to talk me into giving it to her. We will see in time. IMG_20180308_172515641_HDR.jpg
    This thing spends most of its time in the Albuquerque sun and has taken a beating in the heat. Hence the black hood and soon to be black roof. But for fun we spend a lot of time in the San Juans of southern Colorado. Family and Cabin in that area and more Mountains and Trails than we know what to do with.
    I will try to update this thread with new, ridiculous, updates and cheap builds as often as I can.

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  2. magcargo005

    magcargo005 New Member

    Nice build you got there! Waiting for more updates from you.
  3. Lucky13don

    Lucky13don New Member

    I dig the bumper... how much did it run you to make it?
  4. bakercito

    bakercito New Member

    How do you like those tires?

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