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2003 Limited Silver

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Trent Jones, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Original owner with 146000 miles on it. Haven't really done any mods except for a Bluetooth module and Plasti Dip on all the Chrome emblems. Just found this website a month or so ago and beginning to read through all the topics. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    Bluetooth mod is a major key. I look forward to seeing what else you have coming.
  3. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Has anyone had this problem where the black along the door peels up?[​IMG]

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  4. mulze42

    mulze42 Member

    I think I saw this on Tundra Solutions and people did just end up painting it.
  5. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    i may try plastidipping it first. I saw in another guy's build thread he fixed his, can still see in some pictures a bit of the old. Replied there as well. let's see what he says too.
  6. McConnell-Hand

    McConnell-Hand New Member

    My black has peeled away as well. I ended up sanding it all off around the windows, back included, and used duplicolor truck bed liner. Its not a smooth finish like some people like. I like the "tougher" look to it though.
    The nice part about Plastidip? It easily peels off. The crappy part about Plastdip? It easily peels off.
  7. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Operation fix the trim.

    Removed a old trim with razor blade. First tried some other rubberized crap. It was crap. 24 hours later it was still wet. Scrappered it off. Final picture is result after 3 hours of plastidip. Works for me. For now. Original part replacement is like 120 bucks.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    Looks brand new! Need to do that myself.
  9. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    if you haven't done plastidip before, watch some YT vids on it. Very thin/light pass. Then let dry for 10 minutes or so. repeat. ALOT. Keep doing this until you are satisfied. If you do too much at once it will bubble and drip.
  10. Whocares

    Whocares Member

    Thanks for the warning!
  11. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Replace JBL stereo, add backup camera

    ATOTO A6 - A6YTY721P
    This version of the A6 is a premium, has a few extra features. Also fits the non-standard wide opening of the sequoia without the need to buy extra bezel.

    Amplifier Integration Harness

    I have the JBL stereo so needed this one in particulary. Others may need a different harness. Harness doese not have wires for steering wheel controls. Still investigating that one. Buying a wiring harness allows you to not have to cut your existing car stereo harness while also clearly labeling the pinout to connect to new harness.

    Backup Camera with menu button instead of wires to clip

    Pic1: Drivers Side panel, identified the wires for reverse light in the connector behind the pink tape bundle. ran length from here through the ceiling and into the back hatch down zip tying to existing bundles.

    Pic2: bought aftermarket harness for Amplifier. Soldered and heatshrinked all the connections

    Pic3: Camera has button to control settings like parking lines, shifting the image. but to me is at the wrong end of the cord! So installed it just atop the window frame. Enough wire I can move somewhere else near if i want.

    Pic4: Finished install. Should i paint it silver to match?

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  12. Adam Wilhelm

    Adam Wilhelm New Member

    Just thought about this upgrade myself. Being I hate wiring (I can do it, but it takes me twice the amount of time to do it) how long did it take you to complete? I assume you just took the paneling off to run the wires? Any helpful tips or things to avoid?
  13. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    I'd say about 5 hours. Could do it faster for sure. Used fish tape sticks to push to front. That was easiest part. Then using zip ties in back panel to follow existing wire lines so window doesn't get stuck on it... I have a 2003, reverse light not on hatch. Newer vehicle would be easier as I think reverse lights in hatch.

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  14. Adam Wilhelm

    Adam Wilhelm New Member

    Thanks Trent,

    I have a 2004, I'll have to find the set up I want first (radio and back up camera) What are you running, and do you like it? I like the idea of having the lines for back up, but I hate that the switch is at the rear of the wiring instead of the front.....
  15. Trent Jones

    Trent Jones New Member

    Most don't even have a switch. Once you set it, you will probably not change it. So I may tuck away the switch. Funny note though. Backed into a spot yesterday most of the way so i could still see the lines via side mirrors and getting equal spacing on both sides of car. Camera Lines were way off. Turn car off. Turn back to accessory on key and place in reverse (engine is off). Use emergency brake anyways. Then hop into back seats and sit on wheel well while changing the settings to horizontally shift the lines. Probably looked funny to the guy in parking lot next to me. The horizontal shifting/vertical shifting is kind of black magic, but it works.

    So today was first day leaving for the gym when it was dark out and using the backup camera. Mostly useless. Some of the other cameras on amazon had true IR. this one said it was day/night compatible but is dependent on your backup lights. Mine suck. I will still probably keep this camera and add rigid lights to the bumper as i like the form factor. Also replacing the backup bulbs may help even though Ijust replaced them with LEDs. Apparently crappy ones. I will update the post above with product details to keep it together.
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  16. PhillySpecial

    PhillySpecial New Member

    Great post. I just bought a "05 and they really need backup cameras.

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