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2002 Sr5 Custom Build

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Russell Winterling, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Russell Winterling and I am currently building my parents old 2002 Sequoia I bought from them my freshman year of college with 240,000 miles on it. Since I was able to call this rig mine it has gone through many changes with a lot of trial and error and has seen many different suspensions and tire setup's through the past 4 years. What I have listed below is its current setup and what i have found to be my favorite so far. I will list previous installations below the current setup list you you guys can ask questions about why i changed or how i liked each setup. Enjoy!


    • Bilstein 5100s
    • Stock Coils Top Notch
    • 1/2" top hats
    • New Ball Joints, upper and lower
    • New Lower Control Arms (Replaced at 333,000)
    • Diff and skid drop
    • ProComp ES9000
    • ARB OME 2860
    • Sway Bar Delete
    • ProComp 7031
    • 285/75/r16 WildPeak At3
    • Spidertrax 1.25"
    • 52" curved bar
    • Amber LED Fog Light Pods
    • 2x 6 LED pods front
    • 2x 6 LED pods rear
    • Black horse grille guard
    • 150 PSI Air Compressor Mounted engine bay
    • Trail Gear 78" Rock Sliders
    • rain guards
    • Raptor style grille accent lights
    • Rear Tire Swing Out
    Past Suspension Setups
    • Stock with 2.5" spacer
    • 5100s with OME 2885s
    • 5100s with 600lb coils
    • 5100s 2nd notch with 2" spacer
    • LC100 Coils
    • OME 2862 Coils
    • OME 2865 Coils
    • Stock with 2" spacer
    • LC100 coils with 2" spacer
    In Progress
    • Custom Safari Style Roof Rack

    IMG_5929.jpg _DSC0187.jpg _DSC0593.jpg _DSC0707.jpg _DSC0899.jpg

    View attachment 39

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  2. Jim Smola

    Jim Smola Active Member

    Looking good and welcome to the forum.
  3. paulstoute

    paulstoute Administrator Staff Member

    Looks great. How do you like your Duratracs?
  4. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    They're okay, wish I would have gone with some bfgs or toyos though. They didn't wear very good and I've talked to some other people that have had issues as well.
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  5. paulstoute

    paulstoute Administrator Staff Member

    I'm sorry to hear that but kind of glad I was debating between the duratracs, bfg km, and the toyo mt... I went with the MT since I'd had them before on previous rigs...
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  6. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Updated Build Info and Photos
  7. cddallara

    cddallara Member

    I added a rear light like yours last month. Thanks for the inspiration.
    How do you like the rear shocks?
  8. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Glad it worked out for you! And I love them, they have performed very well so far. Ive only had them for a couple weeks now though.
  9. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Updated pictures

    Attached Files:

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  10. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    _DSC0510.jpg _DSC0247.jpg IMG_1429.PNG IMG_0913.JPG IMG_0914.JPG IMG_0915.JPG 78" Trail Gear Rock Slider Instal

    Tools needed
    • Metal Cut off wheel of saw
    • welder
    • tape mesure
    • jack stands
    • a good friend

    1. I found that 78" is the magic number if you want full wheel to wheel protection underneath your car.
    2. The Trail Gear rock slider kit comes with 4 mounting legs for each side of your truck (You will need to cut these individually as each leg will be a different length)
    3. The cut lengths I made are as follows (7.5", 7", 6.5", 6.25")
    4. this put the main slider bar directly underneath the edge of the body
    5. I chose to intal mine with a 15 degree angle (this is the max angle you will get if you want them tight underneath the body)
    6. Line up each leg with a corresponding cross bar on the sliders and weld them on, the last leg will need to go 1" ahead of the last cross bar in order to miss a bolt on the frame.
    7. I painted mine with professional grade truck bed liner and added grip tape to the main step area.
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  11. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Swing Out Tire Carrier

    Tools Needed
    • Metal Saw
    • Welder
    • Grinder
    • Tape Measure
    • Angle Magnets
    • 1300lb spindle (dirtdogs offroad)
    • 700lb Latch (amazon)
    • 7" 2x3 steel tube (for mounting to frame)
    • 3/16" steel plate strips for reinforcement (mounting point)
    • 53" 2x2 steel tube (my cross bar length)
    • other metal you design calls for
    1. Remove bumper
    2. cut and grind of area circled in blue in the pictures below (passenger side only)
    3. cut a 2" hole in the end of your 7" 2x3 tube through the top layer
    4. slide and weld in your spindle into the hole(make sure it is at a 90 degree angle)
    5. Weld on your spindle mounting bracket to the location you grinded away earlier
    6. text fit bumper (cut the bumper to make it fit, or grind back steel to make it fit) i cut the bumper but wish i would have grinded the steel instead.
    7. cut slit in bumper for cross arm to come through
    8. tac weld cross arm to top of spindle
    9. remove bumper and finish cross arm welds
    10. weld the rest of your carrier together
    _DSC0581.jpg _DSC0588.jpg _DSC0593.jpg _DSC0597.jpg _DSC0602.jpg IMG_1333.JPG IMG_1334.JPG IMG_1345.JPG IMG_1348.JPG
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  12. 02SR5SoccerMom

    02SR5SoccerMom New Member

    I'm ordering these, thanks for sharing

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  13. silverback04

    silverback04 Member

    sick rear carrier!
  14. Russell Winterling

    Russell Winterling New Member

    Thanks man!
  15. Greg Gibson

    Greg Gibson New Member

    Hi Russel,

    I'm curious on your progression on rear springs from OME 2862, 2866 and now to 2860. what do you prefer about the 2860 spring over the past choices? How is the ride difference with the linear spring (2860) vs the past progressives that you tried?


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