2002 Sequoia - doors unlocking themselves randomly


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Nov 25, 2018
Grand Rapids, MI
Good morning everyone! I apologize if I missed any discussion on this but I looked and didn't see anything.

I have a 2002 SR5 with just under 200k Miles on it and I love the truck. I understand it's going to be a little quirky but this is something I didn't anticipate.

I recently started having trouble with my power door locks cycling on their own and randomly rolling down the rear/hatch window. I disconnected the rear window motor after coming out of work to find my rear window down while it was raining. 1 problem "solved".

I would occasionally notice that the doors weren't locked even though I always lock my doors while at work but didn't know if the two occurrences were related. I've now witnessed the doors unlocking themselves at random times regardless of the key being in the ignition, or whether the car was running or not.

It's happened a few times in the last two weeks while driving that the doors unlock themselves. I can push the lock button and they'll eventually unlock all doors and then keep trying to unlock the doors... almost sounds like someone is hitting the unlock button rapidly but nobody is. I have also witnessed the doors unlocking when it's parked in the garage, without keys in the ignition and nobody touch the FOB.

On a separate note, I had an after market remote started installed and was thinking that might have something to do with it but wanted to check here first to see if anyone else had any experience with this.

Thanks in advance for any advice/tips you can share.



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Feb 18, 2019
I would get with whoever installed you aftermarket system. Sounds like there is a problem there
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