2001 Sequoia sr5 fog light install and mod


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Aug 12, 2020
You do this at your own risk.
This is not really about installing the fogs it is more about the fog mod

I have a 2001 Sequoia SR5 that was half prewired for foglights.
- Install turn signal switch with fog light - STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS CBS1329 or any variation or equivalent
- Install DENSO relay 5670001 or any equivalent * scroll down if you want to mod the fog light relay
- Run 2 wires to indicator harness under steering wheel. I depinned a old harness I had extra and repinned 1 wire from PIN#11 on the switch to the fog relay box, connecting to PIN#9 on 1B. The second wire is from PIN#10 on the switch tapped into White black (GROUND) near to PIN#10

Yay, now you have oem style working fog lights. If you have led/hid you need at least 1 load resister on either headlight h4 plugs from superbright led, if you have HID with a relay kit, plug the h4 load resistor harness into the h4 plug you are not using. If you do the fog mod you do not need any load resistor.



If your Sequoia was already prewired then you dont have to do pin any wires (lucky) and you are good to go.

*NOW for the fog light mod. It's very easy, before you plug your relay bend the prong that goes into slot #2 90* install a female connector wired to about 6 inches (trim as you see fit) of 14 or 16 gauge cable to a add a fuse. Heat wrap the pin connection on the relay just in case something touches it and bend that 90* more until the pin is almost parallel with relay.


We are bypassing the headlight signal connecting a new signal, I chose the cig Fuse.


This will allow your fogs to be completely independent from your headlights as long as ignition is on. You can choose to find a parking light signal from the dimmer, but you must have at least your parking lights on for your fogs to come on.


the parking lights are on but with this mod they could also be off and the fogs work, turn key off and the fogs are off too

hopefully this helps anyone looking for information about the fog mod on a 1st gen sequoia as other sources are either for dash button or just a general garbage pain to sift through.
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May 16, 2023
Thanks for the write up, its very good. I just had one question, I am looking at the diagram you have and your saying you repinned 1 wire from PIN#11 on the switch to the fog relay box, connecting to PIN#9 on 1B. I dont see a pin #11 on the diagram i was wondering if you could help me out on locating which pin that is i need to add?