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08 4Runner Wheels on a Gen1...

Discussion in '1Gen Wheels & Tires' started by GranPa Turtle, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. GranPa Turtle

    GranPa Turtle New Member

    I just picked up an 02 Limited Sequoia and have picked up the 08 4Runner Sport wheels and tires. I was just wondering if I needed spacers to fit them on my stock suspension/ride height Gen1 without having to do a lift... OEM wheels of Gen1 have 15 offset on a 16” wheel w/ 265/70R16 tires and the 08 4Runner wheel have 30 offset on 17” wheel with 265/65R17 tire???
  2. GranPa Turtle

    GranPa Turtle New Member

    FYI, I just mounted them... they “work” but had added a 1/4” spacer to give additional clearance because the wheels BARELY cleared the calipers... picked up the 1/4” spacers at O’Reillys for less than what PepBoys were selling them for (by a couple of bucks a piece...) wheels were actually about an 1/2” wider too.
  3. ivbyiv

    ivbyiv New Member

    Any pics?
  4. GranPa Turtle

    GranPa Turtle New Member

    Here is a before and after...


    Next up, the bilstein 5100 & OME 2862 suspension kit...
  5. GranPa Turtle

    GranPa Turtle New Member

    Pics posted

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