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03-04 TRD Supercharger Install

Discussion in '1Gen Forced Induction Systems' started by Npetric, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Npetric

    Npetric New Member

    I figured I would add this here in case anyone needed it in the future

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  2. Rob

    Rob Member

    Thanks for this!
  3. I live in Colorado and have a 2004 lifted Supercharged Sequoia that has a fried ECU. The truck is currently a paperweight! My mechanic (a former toyo dealer mechanic) is struggling to locate the ECU as TRD parts are discontinued. Does anyone here have any resources on locating TRD ECU part number 00602-17620-616
    If you have any resources to locate this ECU brain for this superhcarger can you please contact me direct ASAP?
  4. Npetric

    Npetric New Member

    You may be better off switching over to a unichip setup. I should have a spare unichip ECU and harness coming back to me for a 03-04 sequoia in the next week or so (not holding my breathe as its been at unichip for 10 months now). If you wanted to buy new I suggest dealing with Tony at unichipwholesale.com. He is much better with customer service than Jack @ unichip directly. ( Tonys shop is right near Jacks so he just goes over there to pick up what he needs)
  5. This is great news ironically I had contacted unit shipped earlier this morning with using the Jack email I would seriously consider your used unit if it works how much do you want for it? And more importantly when would you have it?
  6. Npetric

    Npetric New Member

    Jack has been saying it will be shipped back to me "tomorrow" for a few weeks now. He requested payment for my new style computer setup so I believe we are close. Ill let you know in the next day or so when I hear more

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