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02 Limited Project Moby

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by Cassequoia, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. Cassequoia

    Cassequoia New Member

    Purchased 10-25-18 with 209k and certainly showing her age, some neglect and completely stock as far as I can tell.

    Noted Problems/To Do list.

    -Exhaust Leak most likely drivers side manifold has telltale tick during cold idle and under load
    -Tie rods front tire outer edges cupped along with looseness at highway speeds. sounds like im running mudders
    -Back hatch lock/handle havent been able to get open yet
    -Stereo jbl equipped head unit wont turn on
    -Headlights 16 year originals probably kept outside cant even see through lens
    - Area of frame rust driver rear from body mounting bracket back 10 inches or so on frame outer side and lower welds and probably more I havent found yet. (Biggest concern)
    - Fluids Front and Rear diff and transfer case
    -Paint maybe clay bar and wax. Almost seems clear coat has been worn/stripped away. Front half looks almost matte white and is kind of soft to the touch.
    - Only one key and no remote single key is also not an original Toyota master but obviously a spare clone.

    Good News!!!

    -Timing Belt and Water Pump done 9-16 with 202k!!!
    - Half decent maintenance records for 80% of its life
    - I own a Toyota Sequoia!!!

    Figured I would take a chance on this beast after I got sick of my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee and thought it couldnt be more expensive, less reliable, and more finicky to work on. Cheapest example I could find from a dealer with under 300k and mediocre maintenance records, wanted to finance to help build credit in prep to purchase a house in a couple years.

    Plan to build out Expedition style, sleeping storage platform, exterior lights, maybe 2inch lift and 32-33s would be nice but nothing to crazy. Glad I found this forum, coming from a Jeep I found the forums and owners support an unbelievable help . Excited to get to tinkering, will update this thread as I progress and contribute to the group as I can.

    Located in the PNW Tacoma, WA if anyone is in the area or knows of any groups let me know.


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