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01' Limited

Discussion in '1Gen Sequoia Build Threads' started by CombatPOG, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    Well I've always been a fan of Toyotas, I've never really owned one. My cousin happen to be getting rid of his 03' Limited 4wd that he own for a few years. At the time I was driving my Canada built 01' F350 7.3L 4wd with the ZF 6 Speed. I picked up the 03' Limited from him cause I was spending more wrench time fixing things that were going wrong with the 7.3L. There was so much rust on the 7.3L I going to have to replace the Cab and Bed, so no thanks. It hurt getting rid on the 7.3L, but it is what it is. I saw the Limited was going to need a little money thrown at it, but it was just normal maintenance.

    Sequoia 01.jpg

    Sequoia 02.jpg

    I took it the Dallas on the little road trip for the North Houston area (Montgomery Area) since my GF is from Nebraska and is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Found this parking lot driving around the Texas Rangers stadium. LMAO
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  2. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    So the Limited needed some new tires since I was taking a road trip to Nebraska with the kids to see the GF and visit one of my bestfriends that I went though Basic Training and deployed to Iraq with (My GF is his sister... LOL). So I headed up to Tire Link that I used to take the 7.3L to cause that hooked up our Houston Diesel guys up with. So I ended up getting Ironman All Country A/T w/ the works for $440 out the door.

    Sequoia 03.jpg

    Sequoia 04.jpg
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  3. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    So me and the kids made our way up to Nebraska for some needed visit time. The ride on the Ironman A/T was quite and smooth, I really love these tires. The Limited was getting ok MPG for a older V8 SUV. Filled up about 4 times to get there. I was about 890 miles...

    Sequoia 09.jpg
  4. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    After being away from a few weeks and making the road trip make to Texas. It was time to put some time into bringing the white paint back to life. The hood and fender was looking faded and the headlight had that yellow tint to them. So I spent a few hours cleaning the Limited up. Oh and I removed the step sides... I think the Limited looks some much better with out them.

    Sequoia 05.jpg

    Sequoia 06.jpg

    Sequoia 07.jpg
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  5. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    Since the Limited is all cleaned inside and out now, it's about that time I start putting fun parts into it soon.

    Sequoia 10.jpg

    Sequoia 11.jpg
  6. widget08

    widget08 New Member


    I have an 05 LTD, how did you clean up the headlights?
  7. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    @widget08 I just used a cleaning wax and just took my time with them. Cleaned them a few times. Haven't had to clean them since then too.
  8. CombatPOG

    CombatPOG New Member

    Picked up a set of 2016 4Runner wheels for $300. The guy I bought them from took them off when he bought the 4Runner and then have been in the box, so pretty much still new. Really look the way it makes the Sequoia look now.

    Sequoia 12.jpg

    Sequoia 14.jpg
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  9. widget08

    widget08 New Member

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