1. C

    Looking To Buy WANTED: Any Color TRD Pro Grill

    Buying any color TRD Pro grill $600 PN: PT363-0C200-BL or PT363-0C200-WT
  2. 1

    Buying 03 Sequoia with 180k miles for how much $$

    Hello I’m going to look at a sequoia tomorrow and the guy is asking 11k. Just curious what others think It’s worth or what you think. Thanks! Here’s the ad posting of things he’s done to it. About 180k miles Clean Title Aftermarket radio with Apple CarPlay Sunroof Power Mirrors/Seats (heated...
  3. T

    OEM Radio Cable Harness and Multiple Faults-2019 Sequoia

    I was attempting to replace my OEM radio and have been unable to connect the backup camera. One of the radio connector guides recommended splicing the backup camera wires directly. I stripped the wires and was still unable to get video to the new unit. Out of frustration I set up an appointment...
  4. filthySequoia

    rock light install complete

    connected to my switch pro
  5. filthySequoia

    random offroad to pinnacle/willow creek jeep trail in lake arrowhead!

    while in Lake Arrowhead, we decided to search up a trail and found on 3miles away from our airbnb, so we decided why not! Willow Creek Jeep Trail wasnt too bad though, the beast made it up and down IG: Scumbags.Filthykoia rando
  6. filthySequoia

    Custom fabricated bumper!

    Here's my 2nd gen custom fabrication bumper! thing came out nice and clean not gonna lie! my fabricator did a great job. was able to use stock bumper, didnt have to convert it to a tundra front end! he also made a shield/metal for my light bar that im going to be installing if yall got any...
  7. Overlanerd

    Answered Total Chaos UCA's and 285/70R17's

    Hey all! I'm pretty active in the Tacoma community but just purchased a 2007 Sequoia that will be my wife's DD. And then my DD in a year or so. Going a little more budget conscious, compared to the Tacoma, and just ordered a Dobinson's lift kit with the GS59-687 rear shocks. The shocks are...
  8. A

    Unanswered Daily Driving with 4WD on

    Is it safe to drive with 4WD on? According to the user manual this is the best and economy suggestion. “H” mode (high speed position, two− wheel drive): Front drive control lever at “H” Use this for normal driving on dry hard− surfaced roads. This position gives greater economy, quietest ride...
  9. M

    Unanswered 2004 Limited Tranny Fluid Change

    I have an 04 Sequiia with 240,000 miles on it. I don’t know the history on the transmission fluid change. I read in some places you shouldn’t drain and refill because it may break the transmission. Others say do it. What should I do? Drain and flush or pay to have it completely changed?
  10. 1stgenoffroad '04 Sequoia Build Video Series

  11. chinalfr

    chinalfr's 2010 Sequoia build

    I got my 2nd Gen 2010 Toyota Sequoia for a year now. This SUV is very solid, comfort, roomy & capable engine. Due to my requirement, I opt for a 8 seater SUV instead of 5 seater Toyota Tundra Crewcab. After a short research, I found a local dealer have a 2010 Toyota sequoia limited with high...
  12. Ethan

    2002 Sequoia SR5

    I turned 16 last May and my father handed down his Sequoia to me. He bought it new in 2002 and hadn't done anything to it. So far all I have done is change the wheels and stickers but I have big plans for it. Here is a list of things I plan to change/upgrade or that has already been done. - 3...
  13. DriverNumber22

    Mom Tank

    When I first got it, 2005 limmited. I'm the 2nd owner and it has 88k. All records...
  14. paulstoute

    Sookie the Sequoia (2007 SR5)

    Well, I've been pushing folks to start their build threads so... I should probably start my own! I have a 2007 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with the 4.7l and 4wd. I bought it at the end of February 2016. It was a one owner with all dealer maintenance records. Only thing it didn't have done at the time I...