rear suspension

  1. D

    Unanswered '06 sequoia AHC rear bottom out?

    Hi All, owned a 06 Tundra for 9 years. traded recently for 06 sequoia with AHC. had dealer install new OEM rear struts and air bags but still bottoming out in rear on speed bumps even at low speeds. anyone else have this issue? possible suggestions to cure? I would think that with new...
  2. Max(R2D2)

    Rear Suspension Too Rusted to Adjust Camber

    I recently replaced my tires and then took my 2008 Sequoia Limited in to have the alignment done. The shop told me that the rear suspension components are too rusted to adjust. The estimate included new camber bolt kits, new bushings and new rear knuckles. A total of nearly $3,500...