1. M

    Bumper for '08 Limited. Recommendations? Tundra-built options?

    New here and excited to join the community! I've spent lots of time on Tundra forums that throw us a bone..not bad, just not enough. My wife's daily driver needs a "bull bar". I tend to build toward a subtle, understated battle wagon. So I'm not looking for a full bumper. I love some of the...
  2. chinalfr

    ARB Deluxe Bumper and Warn Winch Installation.

    The installation for ARB deluxe bumper and Warn Zeon Platinum 10S on my 2010 sequoia is up. Before installation start, there are a few prep work can be done. I have done the following task before bumper installation. Prep winch for installation to the bumper. Bumper pre-prep tasks before...