1. A1Limited

    Unanswered Hi ? about cold air intake but dry filter vs oil filter

    i wanted to know if its worth putting a cold air intake W. DRY air filter better than a stock air filter. I have always used premium airfilter vs. the cheapest airfilter. Also by mid September next month i will change gear oils 02 limited im going with the best oil there is REDLINE but any...
  2. J

    03 limited 4wd off-road build

    Hey all, here's a quick run down. Bought this vehicle April 2021 so almost two years now, started with 173k and now nearly 200k. Since purchasing I've only done maintenance and repairs, big plans for the suspension in the near future (when done with school). I've taken a handful of trips...
  3. 1

    Buying 03 Sequoia with 180k miles for how much $$

    Hello I’m going to look at a sequoia tomorrow and the guy is asking 11k. Just curious what others think It’s worth or what you think. Thanks! Here’s the ad posting of things he’s done to it. About 180k miles Clean Title Aftermarket radio with Apple CarPlay Sunroof Power Mirrors/Seats (heated...
  4. Sacagawea

    Unanswered 4wd

    I've never had a 4x4 that is so confusing. Even the owners manual leaves me foggy. Can anybody tell me what happens mechanically when I hit the 4x4 button and why is that different than the transfer case shifter? Thanks