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  1. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    they pushed it out of the shop and i called aaa to tow it to my house.
  2. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    i hvaent dug into relays yet because i dont know where to start
  3. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    i dont know man im 18 and dont have the money to go after these guys in court so now i just want my car to be fixed. i checked all the fuses.
  4. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    yes. but i cannot prove they did anything to break it. i tried lol
  5. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    to power the ecu, not ignition
  6. dbx7333

    My ECU isnt getting power

    I took my 05 to a shop to get the timing belt done. A day later they called me and said that they finished the timing belt but the car wont start, it wont crank at all. They furthermore said it was my problem. So far I have determined that the check engine light does NOT come on when the key...
  7. dbx7333

    Roof Racks

    I had mixed feelings about this rack at first buts it’s definitely growing on me
  8. dbx7333

    Official exterior light pic thread: Let's shed some light on this subject.

    This is going on the sequoia in the next couple days. Ps the sequoia in the picture is my dads lol
  9. dbx7333

    For Sale running boards

    50$ Issaquah wa
  10. dbx7333

    Looking To Buy Used Catalytic Converters and/or stock exhaust

    i would sell you my stock muffler but i need the cats
  11. dbx7333

    Limited Slip Differential.

    can you directly swap a tundra lsd into a sequoia rear end? is there anything else you would have to do with this?