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  1. aXe Offroad

    Roof Racks

    No not yet, I have been tied up with other orders. This is still very much on the to do list though!
  2. aXe Offroad

    ATLANTA Takeover

    There is a show in Atlanta coming up on June 9th, ATLANTA Takeover. It is a Toyota only show at Stone Mountain park. We will be one of the vendors. So if you are free come check it out and meet us!
  3. aXe Offroad

    Roof Racks

    I have a customer looking for options so I am working on a design for him, but this will be something we offer going forward. If everything stays on track we should be able to make the 1st prototype around the mid/end of June.
  4. aXe Offroad

    Roof Racks

    We are working on designing a modular rack system for the 1st gen Sequoia. This will come with options for those that do and don't want full length racks. It will also maintain a low profile.
  5. aXe Offroad

    Battery Recommendations?

    My only experience with Odyssey was one of their race batteries I put in a show car due to space constraints. It wouldn't hold a charge more than a few days if it wasn't used. But it was a tiny battery, about a 1/4 of the size an conventional car battery. Personally I use Optima batteries in all...