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  1. bass-o-matic

    Free: 2010 Sequoia Fender Flairs

    Yup. Sorry, Chopped em up and put em in the trash. Gone. you don't want them anyway. They look like poop and cut into your paint. That's why Toyota took them off in later years.
  2. bass-o-matic

    Free: 2010 Sequoia Fender Flairs

    In good shape. Grey metallic? I think. South Austin Texas. I seem to have lost the clips but otherwise they are all there. Fit other years. Text me 512897Ate fYVE Eght tree. :)
  3. bass-o-matic

    Remove Center Console are disable AC controls? Sound fun?

    I'm thinking of removing my center console enough to access the 3rd Zone AC Controls. I want to remove them. 8 year old boys really don't need access to AC. Anyone ever: 1. Removed that console? 2. Think disabling those controls would create any issues? Canbus perhaps. Cheers
  4. bass-o-matic

    @austin.sequoia.beast (Austin, TX Sequndra build)

    I totally call mine the Beast too... must be a meme.
  5. bass-o-matic

    Brake Controller 2010

    Hi! New here.... I assume for a 2010 I just buy a controller of my choice. Plug it into the bottom left kick panel factory plug. Mount the controller per instructions. Typically horizontally. Right?