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  1. bass-o-matic

    Free: 2010 Sequoia Fender Flairs

    In good shape. Grey metallic? I think. South Austin Texas. I seem to have lost the clips but otherwise they are all there. Fit other years. Text me 512897Ate fYVE Eght tree. :)
  2. bass-o-matic

    Remove Center Console are disable AC controls? Sound fun?

    I'm thinking of removing my center console enough to access the 3rd Zone AC Controls. I want to remove them. 8 year old boys really don't need access to AC. Anyone ever: 1. Removed that console? 2. Think disabling those controls would create any issues? Canbus perhaps. Cheers
  3. bass-o-matic

    Brake Controller 2010

    Hi! New here.... I assume for a 2010 I just buy a controller of my choice. Plug it into the bottom left kick panel factory plug. Mount the controller per instructions. Typically horizontally. Right?