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  1. jumelton

    BAM! Front diff

    I'm pretty sure I blew my front diff. I was climbing a hill and heard a nice clank. After I would put in 4wd, go straight, and have a rhythmic jolt. So I think a few teeth are missing off the ring. I will drain the fluid soon to see what's up. Anyone else have a broken diff? Or know if the...
  2. jumelton

    Yes another TRAC VSC OFF thread

    Hey guys, I bought my 2002 Sequoia this year and the VSC and TRAC lights have been on the whole time (no ABS or CEL). I tried ZPC with the paperclips. I tried leaving the battery disconnected for a few days. Those didn't work. I'm hoping someone can chime in with what worked for you. Or is...
  3. jumelton

    Rear Shock Extenders

    Does anyone know if these will work for our Sequoias?
  4. jumelton

    MPG improvements?

    Hey guys, Vehicle rundown: 2002 Seq 4wd 185k miles New plugs New Tbelt ex I'm new here and I have a few questions. Is there anything to check or modify to get the best highway mpg possible. Does anyone replace their 02s periodically? I'm assuming they are the OGs because the plugs were. I do...