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  1. Mammoth863

    Tapping sound under passenger side dash????

    I noticed on the way home from work I’m getting a tapping sound coming from under the dash on the passenger side. There’s no rhythm to it and it’s not super loud. Seems like it tends to happen when this (see pic) is on.
  2. Mammoth863

    Having issues getting 04’ Sequoia in program mode for new keyfob.

    I’ve tried 2 different methods 7 different times and I still can’t get her into program mode. Anyone else has/had the same issue? It’s frustrating the hell outta me!!!
  3. Mammoth863

    Unanswered I’m just proud of the 04’ Sequoia I found.

    Sorry wasn’t sure where to post this but I’ve been searching for the perfect 1st Gen Sequoia within my budget for technically about a year. I came up empty handed last November and ended up buying a Nissan Armada because it was my second choice and I was tired of riding my Motorcycle too work...
  4. Mammoth863

    Rear lift gate rubs slightly when opening????

    I’ve got a 04’ Sequoia with a weird mis-aligned tailgate. I noticed when I open the tailgate it rubs slightly (metal to metal) on the top passenger side. I wasn’t sure if anyone has had this same issue and was able to realign it or if it’s a common problem. It closes fine and from the look of it...
  5. Mammoth863

    New 1st Gen owner with few questions.

    So after doing tons of research I found and purchased a 2004 Sequoia with 161k here in Florida and I’m looking for some insight on a few things. First off, oil. What are you guys using and how much? Secondly I noticed on the 1-1/2 hour drive home that the oil pressure gauge works when it wants...