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    Unanswered Looking at buying a 2005 Sequoia!

    Sounds like a solid vehicle and it looks like the seller has done most of the mechanicals. I didn't see if he/she did the rear hatch (minor) repair or replace. I am wondering if you purchasing it from a dry area or near salt air. Obviously, I say that because of the potential for rust repair...
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    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    I completely understand. I guess you could split the difference and if you want to do most of the disassembly yourself, purchase the new bearings, and once you get the knuckles off, simply find a local shop that can just do the press and seal for you. I have a press and it is still something I...
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    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    Hey, I just saw this and wanted to weigh in and say I just did my rear bearings on my 2002. I know this may be a noob move but I went with the Dorman full shaft and assembly all in one. I was a little hesitant at first and was worried about going non-OEM, but I currently do not go off roading or...
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    Unanswered 35's on a first gen? How did you do it?

    overlandrich , try this guy on youtube -, I am not sure on the 4 inch but he has loads of video help and sells all the gear to do the basic lifts to fit non rub wheels. also, this guy does a lift that fits 35" tires, but it is on the same 1st gen...
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    Unanswered PIC of 2002 Limited rear

    A1 ? Is there a question that belongs to these pictures ? I can't seem to figure out how to help, if I can
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    Unanswered Rock Sliders
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    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    BigNuge, what size are the Rhinos ? and the rubber. Looking to do a similar lift and wheels. I am assuming they are -6 off set ? or did you run spacers ?
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    Hello from northern NJ .

    Hey Mad, Congrats on the 07, have not really found a specific "toyota mechanic shop" but I can tell you that the vehicle is well known, not to bad to work on if doing it yourself and plenty of OEM parts on the market. Are you looking to do anything specific ? or any specific issues you are...
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    Hello from northern NJ .

    Hey all, South Jersey, Atlantic County near Atlantic City, Original 2002 Sequoia with 238,000 and counting. This summer I hope to be doing my first real mod of a 2.5 inch Old Man Umu lift from 1stgenoffroad, still waiting for the front shock assembly, they said huge delay in shocks since covid...
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    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    Awesome Awesome Awesome bro ! I have the 2002 still stock, 238,000 and climbing. Looking at your work inspires me. Great detailed repairs and really good clear pictures. I hope to do half as good a job on mine. All the best
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    Potential purchase frame rust - opinions wanted

    Is this the original frame is did the owner do the recall ? still not bad
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    Tinkerbell the 03 Tree

    Here is another one, I realize this guy is talking about on his Jeep but the principal is the same. He is very thorough and compares the 4.88 to the 5.13 re-gear from stock. Ghost
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    Tinkerbell the 03 Tree

    billy, check this guys video out, he is a little over the top with outlanding our sequoia but at 19:55 ish, he talks about 488 gears on his. If you have the time, watch the entire video, he is a wealth of knowledge. All the best Ghost
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    Tinkerbell the 03 Tree

    I am seriously impressed that our rigs can pull that !! Let me see if I have that gearing reference I saw, think it was in a youtube video.
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    Tinkerbell the 03 Tree

    Really nice ! I am not a outlander but love the builds and the lift stance, very nice. I am planning a very similar lift and wheel project in the spring. Really only want a better suspension and stance, light off road only her on the east coast near beach. BTW, most dont do a re-gear with...
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    I basically have the same vehicle but not these issues, I would be interested in your solutions found, maybe it will help me and others in the future. I have 235, 800 ish miles now LOL. Ghost
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    Unanswered Install backup camera on 2006 Sequoia Limited.

    Hey Richard-D, funny I am on this too, found a good installer video (3 part) on youtube for a sequoia and speakers, (part 1), these guys are very good, I think he just won an award for installer of the year. Believe me I am handy and do most of my work on my 2002 1st gen but I am thinking...
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    Another new owner in NC

    Dam nice and clean !! Must have lived it's life in the south (no salt). Good travels, mine is 2002 and just turned 235K, a little rough but love her.
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    Dashboard warnings

    Hey fme, I don't know if this will help but I have 2002 Limited and had the same lights on for too long and recently changed a sticking front caliper, bleed brakes, couple of days later, the lights are out. I still have engine light for cats, but that is for next project. My symptoms were an...