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  1. AD33

    New to Overland Build

    Hey jts14u, I may be too late if you have already bought tires but I'm just seeing this. In my opinion I think these rigs really need a small lift to look right and will give you extra clearance and allow for bigger tires. My old shocks were shot so I put on Bilstein 5100s which gave it a nice...
  2. AD33

    Keep your Sequoia forever

    I'm with you guys, I love my 2006 Limited and will keep it for the foreseeable future. I blacked out all the chrome, gave it a comfortable lift, 33 BFGs and it rides great. It has very few problems, I rebuilt the front suspension, replaced the front wheel bearings and did the timing belt...
  3. AD33

    Upgrade options for 2013 JBL Synthesis Nav system.

    I did the job in my 06 sequoia. Go to They are the best in the business and will have all the options and instructions you need. During installation you can call their techs anytime for advice.
  4. AD33

    Unanswered Lower control arms / bushings - I think the dealer is insane, what say you?

    I have an 06 sequoia with all the same problems, 186k miles. I did all the work myself and followed Josh at 1stgenoffroad. He has great videos on it. The bushings are tough to press in so most find it easiest to just replace the arms that come with bushings in place. I bought Moog arms off...
  5. AD33

    Powered Subwoofer

    I put a 10” powered sub in the rear storage compartment and ran the wires inside the side trim. It’s completely hidden and sounds awesome. I mounted its volume knob to the right of the steering wheel so I can easily adjust it per song (if desired) for just the right mix.
  6. AD33

    New 06 from Nassau county

    Congrats on the sequoia. It’s a great vehicle. Go to 1stgenoffroad for some cool mods Go to his videos and hit the “oldest “ link to see his videos on your model
  7. AD33

    Sketchy front end floating at High speeds

    Did you ever find a solution for this? I have an 06 sequoia with the same size tires and lift and the steering is a bit squirrelly at highway speeds. I have spacers so the stance is wider too and should be more stable. I am getting ready to do the 1"diff drop hoping that will help since the lift...
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    Wheel Spacers

    BillAZ what did you end up doing? I am getting ready to put those exact same tires on my tree
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    Lift gate handle?

    Mine broke and I replaced it with the metal latch. Has worked flawlessly for years