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    Wheel Spacers

    I ended up with tires rubbing the rear fender fairly harshly rather than the frame. It appears to be a bit too much offset with spacers on my beast. Even with a modest lift I don't know that wouldn't be a problem on rougher terrain. I removed the spacers. I'm going back to my original - more...
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    Lift strategies for 2006 Sequoia Limited

    This stuff has been asked a thousand times probably but 100 different answers has my head spinning. I need to do a minor lift on my Sequoia to get my 275/70r17 BFG KOs off the inner wheel well on the turns. Happened when I installed 1.25" Spidertrax spacers to keep the front tires of the frame...
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    Unanswered Rock Sliders

    Just got it. Thanks.
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    Wheel Spacers

    Picked up a 2006 Sequoia Limited to outfit for overlanding. Got a little carried away and threw some 275/70r17 KO2s on and now I'm getting some frame rubbing. Don't really want to live with that so I'm thinking spacer kit(Supreme Suspension or Spidertrax) but I'm getting a lot of head-wagging...
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    Unanswered Rock Sliders

    Anyone have a decent solution for sliders that doesn't break $1k? Other than buying a torch and welder and doing it myself.
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    New Member from Pima County, AZ

    Hey, About to close on a 1st gen Sequoia Limited 4x4. It will be my overland project as long as the money lasts. Don't intend to get too crazy but a lot of neat mods out there and I'm sensing mission creep. Hoping to get some tips and take advantage of everyone's experience with these beasts.