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  1. Jgrauman

    Dome Light Assembly Replacement.

    here is what I did
  2. Jgrauman

    Wheel and Tire size recommendations without lifting

    Hey Norm, check over at a few more daily users there. Could probably get away with a 33x11 without any rubbing on factory offset wheels
  3. Jgrauman

    2004 Sequoia----HELP please

    Have heard of cracked tanks at the upper half before. A full tank will leak, it is plastic after all. Hard to find
  4. Jgrauman

    Rear shocks w/air ?

    Yes sir Rancho RS999208. Also here is a link to a more active Sequoia forum.
  5. Jgrauman

    Rear shocks w/air ?

    Rancho rs 9000xl are the go to if keeing your bags
  6. Jgrauman

    Suspension Lift for 1 Gen Sequoia

    Agreed in the operating range, it was meant to be able to temporarily operate in that range, like going over a bump in the road. the heightened angle increases rub on the rib of the boots causing them to tear and sling grease and contaminating the joint causing premature wear. Hence the high...
  7. Jgrauman

    Suspension Lift for 1 Gen Sequoia

    Please elaborate on your statement here, not following what you're saying is the difference between a lift kit and a lift strut? When you are changing the height of the strut, you are pushing the cv to a steeper angle. The diff drop is just a spacer which brings that angle back to the stock...
  8. Jgrauman

    News Posts?

    New site looks great!
  9. Jgrauman

    Wheel Spacers

    I've run spacers on an 80 and my Sequoia and never had an issue on or off road. Install them according to instructions and check torque when you rotate your tires. There are going to be plenty of people saying "never use spacers. " Just bring up the vaccine mandate and they will forget about the...
  10. Jgrauman

    2005 Toyota Sequoia Factory Service Manual
  11. Jgrauman

    BigNuge’s 2002 Limited Build

    That shop is just down the road from me, I've wanted to go check it out a few times but never got around to it. Wasn't aware he packed up
  12. Jgrauman

    01 Sequoia Front Brake Upgrade,2002,sequoia,4.7l+v8,1388921,brake+&+wheel+hub,caliper%2C+rotor+&+brake+pad+kit,14204
  13. Jgrauman

    New Direction for lifting 03 Sr5 4x4 Sequoia

    You'll be fine with 33s"
  14. Jgrauman

    Air Suspension Trick

    Yes, for 2 years now. The video you linked does not apply to the Sequoia. The sensor is on the rear diff to the frame. Can adjust as needed or add a spacer in between. See my thread for a couple pics
  15. Jgrauman

    Suspension Lift for 1 Gen Sequoia

    Going to all depend on your wallet. $500 will get you 2 inches or $2000 will get you 2 inches. Bilstein 5100s in the front and a spacer in the rear will accomplish this. If you want to go all new with uca, dobinson or toytec makes a great option as well.
  16. Jgrauman

    05 limited aka “turd crappley”

    Would recommend limit straps on your rear axle of you are going to be going off axes with the air bags. Good looking truck
  17. Jgrauman

    New option for rear bumper

    It looks nice, I would rather cut the frame all the way back and not have those wings underneath, but for $1300 single swing out and still need to weld and powdercoat, that's steep. It's tough to make good margins on these things because of what they are.
  18. Jgrauman

    New option for rear bumper

    Looks crazy expensive for a kit
  19. Jgrauman

    05 Sequoia resetting

    What's the resting battery voltage?