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    03 limited 4wd off-road build

    I'm back, with another post (work, school and life have been keeping me busy). After the shakedown at the coast we made our 900 mile 13 hour drive to Show Low Arizona with no dramas. Stayed with the girlfriend's family for a few days, and checked out some local tracks. On our way back to Texas...
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    03 limited 4wd off-road build

    Alrighty it's been a minute since I've updated this project, been pretty busy with work, school and life in general. Timing belt/water pump job went good without any major hiccups. I took my time with it, a little over three weeks of weekends and after work sessions. I also replaced all rotors...
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    2004 Toyota sequoia 225k SR4 4x4

    Could be a number of things, but I've gotten those codes due to a exhaust leak.
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    03 limited 4wd off-road build

    Day one Found this for a good price, 173k miles, a family's SUV lived here in TX and Colorado all it's life only surface rust on the frame. One family owner and completely stock, only has seen pavement and forest service roads. Other than some normal wear and tear she didn't have any serious...
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    03 limited 4wd off-road build

    Hey all, here's a quick run down. Bought this vehicle April 2021 so almost two years now, started with 173k and now nearly 200k. Since purchasing I've only done maintenance and repairs, big plans for the suspension in the near future (when done with school). I've taken a handful of trips...
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    New to forum South/Central Texas

    Hey all, bought a 03 limited 4wd for a off-road project. Have owned it for almost 2 years and have mostly done maintenance/repair instead of modifications. Mods coming later due to busy work and school schedule. That, and saving up funds for the mods. Started with 173k on the clock and am...